Recycled Crushed Rock Products: Different Options for Different Applications

04 November 2019

The demolition involved in buildings, sidewalks, driveways, and others often leave huge volume of heavy, dense waste materials. Fortunately, advancements in technology and the ongoing path of companies towards environmental sustainability made them recycle materials that can still be used in the future. In fact, there is a demand on the industry of recycling crushed rocks for the construction of different modern projects. Depending on the needs, the rubbles or debris from a demolished building are crushed or pulverized further so that they can be used again. Aside from concrete, rocks like dolomite, granite, quartzite, volcanic cinder, marble, limestone, and […]

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20mm Pebble Stones: Inexpensive and Useful Materials for Garden Decorations and Stepping Stone Pathways

28 October 2019

Formerly found only on the beaches of various oceans and seas and, sometimes inland where ancient seas used to cover the land, pebble stones have certainly come a long way. Nowadays, you can see pebble stones almost everywhere as a decorative or construction material. With its generally smooth texture, varied colours and mineral streaks – known as veins, pebbles really live up to its name as the ultimate garden decoration. Pebble stones are smooth rounded rocks; similar to pea gravel but a lot larger. They are also ideal for building rock gardens, walls and pond walls. They are not a […]

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Common Uses and Applications of Rock Toppings

04 October 2019

Rock toppings have numerous purposes in construction or landscaping. Their composition can vary, but most of them today contain recycled concrete and or different types of rock. These toppings are inexpensive, long-lasting, functional and at times, attractive. If you are unsure how you can use these toppings on your own property, read the following common uses and applications for them. Mulch for Weed Control In place of other types of mulch, you can use rock toppings. Even though they do not decompose to feed the soil similar to wood mulch, they block out weed growth effectively to allow your plantings […]

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Common Uses and Applications of Recycled Crushed Rocks

25 September 2019

As businesses pivot toward environmental sustainability, recycling is going to continue to be pushed toward the forefront of major financial decisions. Whether or not you realise it, there is a booming industry that revolves around the recycling of crushed rocks. Whether crushed stone has been used to support a road or fill in a garden, the stone will have use no matter what it had been acquired for, previously. Today, we are going to outline some of the most common uses and applications of recycled crushed rock, so that you can appreciate the many available benefits. Uses of Recycled Crushed […]

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Concrete Recycling and Its Benefits to Businesses and to the Environment

01 September 2019

When concrete structures and elements are demolished for one reason or another, they generate a lot of debris that requires extensive cleanup. If this cleanup process proceeds haphazardly and without care, the debris will wind up in landfills. The pity of it is concrete is just as recyclable as many other construction materials are today. We provide information about how concrete recycling benefits your business and the environment in the following details. Saves Your Company Money on Concrete Disposal You will eliminate the tipping fees that the disposal centres or landfills charge for concrete disposal. These fees are based on […]

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