20mm Pebble Stones: Inexpensive and Useful Materials for Garden Decorations and Stepping Stone Pathways

28 October 2019

Formerly found only on the beaches of various oceans and seas and, sometimes inland where ancient seas used to cover the land, pebble stones have certainly come a long way. Nowadays, you can see pebble stones almost everywhere as a decorative or construction material. With its generally smooth texture, varied colours and mineral streaks – known as veins, pebbles really live up to its name as the ultimate garden decoration.

Pebble stones are smooth rounded rocks; similar to pea gravel but a lot larger. They are also ideal for building rock gardens, walls and pond walls. They are not a new fixture in garden decorations and stepping stone pathways. In fact, that is where they are most useful since they are commonly utilised for decorative appeal and are ideal for use around plants. One of its varieties is the 20mm pebble stone, otherwise known as the river gravel. Below are the reasons why it is an inexpensive and useful material for garden decorations and stepping stone pathways.

Easy to Install

Since 20mm pebble stones are conveniently small, they are really easy to install. If you are creating a stepping stone pathway in a steep hill, choose a heavier stone that is not too rounded in shape, so it is less likely to gradually roll away. If you want a do-it-yourself (DIY) garden project involving the said pebble stones, you can look up the instructions online and make your own garden decoration or stepping stone pathway.

Foliage Free yet Plant Friendly

If you plan to create a stepping stone pathway, then most likely you do not want to have your plants and flowers to get in your way while you get around the yard. At the same time, you may want to do so without crushing your plants. River gravel will do just that.  It will serve as a landscape fabric, thus, preventing weeds, and keeping moisture in the soil.

Visually Appealing

The said pebble stones usually come in various shades of grey and tan. With those colours, you can opt for a natural look of a winding pebble path. If you want other colours, then you can choose the shade of your pebbles to complement your plants. You can also pick a distinctive contrasting colour for visual appeal. Pebbles, especially the 20mm ones, are great materials for gardening design close to nature.

Aside from stepping stone pathways, there are other garden decoration ideas wherein you can make use of a 20mm pebble stone. You can craft a makeshift miniature well or perhaps a mini fountain using 20mm pebble stones. Rest assured that your courtyard decorated with pebbles will be more attractive and beautiful, and will definitely offer unforgettable moments to your guests and visitors.

For more ideas in terms of using 20mm pebble stones, consult us at EcoCrush. We believe in sustainable practises and conservation of the natural environment from gravel mining. We opt to reduce landfill waste by means of concrete recycling. Aside from an environment-friendly approach, we are keen in producing high quality and viable recycled crushed rock products that will last for many years.