Common Uses and Applications of Recycled Crushed Rocks

25 September 2019

As businesses pivot toward environmental sustainability, recycling is going to continue to be pushed toward the forefront of major financial decisions. Whether or not you realise it, there is a booming industry that revolves around the recycling of crushed rocks. Whether crushed stone has been used to support a road or fill in a garden, the stone will have use no matter what it had been acquired for, previously. Today, we are going to outline some of the most common uses and applications of recycled crushed rock, so that you can appreciate the many available benefits.

Uses of Recycled Crushed Rocks

Crushed rock or crushed stones are a medium consisting of processed rocks. The most common rocks to be crushed and recycled include dolomite, granite, quartzite, volcanic cinder, marble, limestone, and slate. Whether used in construction or some other project, this stone has been broken down into a smaller medium so as to be used once again. There are a variety of applications that can call for crushed stone, including the following.

1) Driveway Installation – You’ll often see crushed rock repurposed for use in residential applications. Many construction companies will purchase crushed stone to work on a residential driveway. The crushed stone allows for flexibility of use as well as creativity due to the colours, sizes, and mediums available.

2) Use in Gardens – Crushed stone is also great for use inside of a garden. Not only can crush stone be used to create beautiful winding paths, but it can also be used as a growing medium. While you are likely most familiar with crushed lava rock, other gardeners have worked crushed rocks into their gardening hobby as an aggregate medium. You’ll even see individuals use crushed stone for the purpose of mulching. That’s a surprise, isn’t it?

3) Material Support – Another unique use of crushed rock is that it can be used for stability. You’ll find that many industry professionals will use crushed stone as an essential foundation for concrete, roads, driveways, and even asphalt surfaces. A layer of crushed rock will typically be placed at the base of the trail before the next material is installed over top. Even when you can’t use crushed rock in action, it is working to keep your routine safe and stable.

Crushed rocks are used for a multitude of other projects outside of what we’ve discussed thus far. If you need assistance with any of your concrete recycling or tipping needs, contact our team at EcoCrush. We are a family-owned business with more than 20 years of industry experience.