Common Uses and Applications of Rock Toppings

04 October 2019

Rock toppings have numerous purposes in construction or landscaping. Their composition can vary, but most of them today contain recycled concrete and or different types of rock. These toppings are inexpensive, long-lasting, functional and at times, attractive. If you are unsure how you can use these toppings on your own property, read the following common uses and applications for them.

Mulch for Weed Control

In place of other types of mulch, you can use rock toppings. Even though they do not decompose to feed the soil similar to wood mulch, they block out weed growth effectively to allow your plantings to thrive without competition. Also, you can apply these toppings on top of other mulch to double the protection against weeds.

Drainage Material

Place rock toppings in areas where you need to improve drainage on your property. Line drainage ditches with them to guide water in the desired direction or add them around trees to direct the water down into the roots. Use these toppings to solve areas of standing water on your property. Fill in these areas with the toppings to make the water drain over the areas instead of accumulating.

Walkways and Other Outdoor Features

You can create walkways, driveways, patios, floors for alfresco areas and other outdoor features with these toppings. Use them alone or add pavers on top for any of these purposes. Elements such as these will last for years, and you can replenish the toppings easily as necessary.

Decorative Enhancements for Landscaping

Toppings of rock also are ideal for landscaping enhancements. Section off areas of the property in any pattern that you desire and fill each one with a different shade of topping to create outdoor art.

Erosion Prevention

Another application for rock toppings is erosion prevention. Some places for this use include:

• Sloping properties that contain little, if any, vegetation
• Shorelines of lakes, rivers, streams and ocean areas are prone to erosion in times of stormy weather or high tide in the case of the ocean areas
• Near building foundations
• Other places that are at risk for soil erosion

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