Ways to Benefit from Recycled Concrete

07 February 2020

Among the debris found in construction and demolition sites, concrete holds the most number. In the past, concrete debris is often disposed in landfills – only to add them to the amount of waste materials that have proved to be harmful to the environment. Nowadays, people have found another way to make use of concrete debris through recycling.

Concrete debris undergo recycling through an impact crusher. This portable machine turns concrete debris into smaller pieces called recycled concrete aggregate (RCA). RCA is a highly sought-after product that provides construction companies with a cost-efficient material that can be used in a variety of repurposing situations. Below are the ways that you can benefit from recycled concrete.

Recycled Concrete as a Sustainable Material

There is also a sustainability element in using recycled concrete. When you choose to use RCA on a new construction project, whether commercial or residential, you are protecting our planet’s precious natural resources by reusing a material that already exists and would otherwise be buried in a landfill instead of mining new gravel. Utilising concrete recycling allows businesses of all sizes to stand up for our environment, while still using a strong, quality product, and saving money at the same time.

Recycled Concrete as an Aggregate Road Base Material

Recycled concrete is laid on top of a dirt base that serves as a foundation for another layer of either asphalt or concrete. This is one of the most common uses of RCA.

Recycled Concrete as a Material for Paving

In its purest form, recycled concrete can be used as permeable paving for driveways and other outdoor surfaces. When RCA is laid professionally it allows for a strong surface through which rainwater can easily infiltration to prevent pooling.

Recycled Concrete as a Foundation Material

Whether being used as bedding for underground pipes and other utilities, or simply as a strong material that can assist with drainage, RCA is an inexpensive and environment-friendly foundational material.

Recycled Concrete as a Soil Stabilisation Material

If you live in a part of the country where soil erosion is an issue, recycled concrete can be used to offset this process and strengthen the soil, especially around streams and lakes.

Recycled Concrete as an Aggregate for New Concrete

RCA is often added to ready-mix concrete to reduce the amount of new materials that need to be used.

For more information on the benefits of recycled concrete, consult EcoCrush. Our recycling plant produces top-quality products from recycled crushed rock for use in the construction and building industries. No load is too small or too large for us to handle. We believe in all of us working together to help our environment through recycling concrete.