How Concrete and Asphalt Recycling Work Today

14 April 2020

Concrete and asphalt recycling have evolved over the years. Traditionally, materials like asphalt and concrete were relegated to landfills upon removal. After being removed from parking lots or construction sites, they’d simply be transported to the nearest landfill for disposal. The approach, while simple, still resulted in freight costs, and, obviously, in landfill sites that were filled more quickly. Recycling changed that by enabling materials to be reused. However, in the early days of recycling, reuse was almost solely as fill product, due to issues of quality and gradation irregularity. Today, however, recycled concrete and asphalt can be crushed into forms […]

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How to Save Money Through Concrete Recycling

23 March 2020

Concrete recycling is also a big money saver for demolition crews. Recycling the concrete from a site is far cheaper than transporting it to the landfill. Additionally, keeping concrete out of the landfill is a good way to keep landfill size manageable. Building crews will find that the cost of concrete can be quite high and when their need for concrete is large that translates into a major concrete bill. Below are other ways to save money through concrete recycling. Concrete Recycling Basics Concrete recycling can be done in one of two ways. It can be recycled from the site […]

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Recycled Concrete for Structural Applications: What are the Benefits?

13 March 2020

Recycled concrete is used in variety of essential purposes and one of its most underrated purposes is for structural applications. In many instances, once leftover concrete is taken to a recycling facility where it is broken into small pieces using grinder machines – any foreign particles like rebar or wood in the sorted concrete must be removed to make it useful. From there, a magnet is used to remove rebar from the pavement. Sometimes concrete is placed in the water to remove contaminants. After the cleaning and sorting process is done, the recycled concrete is ready to use. Below are […]

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What are the Benefits of Utilising Demolished Concrete Waste for New Construction?

28 February 2020

Demolished concrete waste is often considered as the common remains in a demolition or remodelling project. Normally, people fail to make use of demolished concrete waste as it is commonly disposed and rendered obsolete. What they do not know is that there are benefits of utilising concrete waste for new construction. Below are some of them. Utilising Demolished Concrete Waste Provides Useful Products Once your demolished concrete waste and debris have been cleaned up and removed from your job site they don’t simply get hauled off to the nearest landfill. In fact, whenever possible, the waste from concrete removal is […]

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Ways to Benefit from Recycled Concrete

07 February 2020

Among the debris found in construction and demolition sites, concrete holds the most number. In the past, concrete debris is often disposed in landfills – only to add them to the amount of waste materials that have proved to be harmful to the environment. Nowadays, people have found another way to make use of concrete debris through recycling. Concrete debris undergo recycling through an impact crusher. This portable machine turns concrete debris into smaller pieces called recycled concrete aggregate (RCA). RCA is a highly sought-after product that provides construction companies with a cost-efficient material that can be used in a […]

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