What are the Benefits of Choosing Crushed Asphalt in Road Construction Projects?

10 December 2019

We all want a road that is convenient to drive in. We want to drive our cars without worrying about any bumps or holes that can damage our cars in some ways. You see, the best-case scenario of an individual is to drive the roads without feeling dizzy afterward. Driving on roads with substandard materials can get bumpy if the surface has started to wear off.

The longevity and quality of a road boil down to the materials used. Among the preferred choice of road pavement materials is crushed asphalt. Asphalt pavement is a combination of stone, sand, and gravel bounded by asphalt cement. This type of pavement can get smooth, quiet, and sustainable for the drivers on the road. As for the agencies behind the road construction projects, asphalt can be cost-effective in the long run.

Competent construction companies are choosing crushed asphalt as the material for their road construction projects because of the following benefits:

Has a Smooth Surface

As mentioned earlier, crushed asphalt can provide a smooth finish once the road construction project is done. This type of surface can reduce damages to the pavement as well as to the passing vehicles. The smoothness of the road surface also contributes to reduced noise since unnecessary contact between the vehicles and the road is significantly kept to a minimum. Harmful contact is generated when vehicles pass by bumpy roads, leading to the collision of some car parts on the pavement.

Lasts for a Long Time

One main characteristic that any contractors want for their roads is longevity. They don’t want to spend a lot of money on a road that will wear off quickly. Fortunately, the material composition of asphalt pavement can last for a very long time given that maintenance will be implemented regularly. Maintenance of this type of road is easy that the traffic flow won’t even be disrupted. For drivers on the road, this type of road pavement can help them save fuel and can guarantee improved ride quality.

Saves Time

For construction firms, they would like to consider materials that can yield high-quality results under a reasonable timeframe. Crushed asphalt can give that result for road construction projects since they can save not only the time of construction firms but also the time of motorists. The pouring of asphalt on the road can be done during off-peak periods, reducing the need to close the entire road. And if the pavement is already compacted and cooled, the public can immediately use that specific portion of the road again.

Adapts to Any Conditions

What makes asphalt pavement special is its ability to adapt to any given situation. Crushed asphalt can resist any type of weather, making it immune to damages caused by heat, water, and others. Moreover, asphalt pavement can hold and carry any type of car. Be it a mini car or huge trucks, you are assured that your crushed asphalt pavement will not get destroyed.

Provides Safety

The smooth finish of asphalt pavement makes it safe for all types of motorists. Roads with asphalt composition have skid resistance and splashback protection. These features are possible since the contact between the tires and the road is more intact compared to roads with other materials. This type of road can also provide better visual distinction for all road markings and signage. Moreover, ice and snow won’t be able to stay long on asphalt pavement.

Can be Recycled

Asphalt is considered to be the most recycled product in some parts of the world. Roads with crushed asphalt can be recycled over and over again since the material doesn’t get destroyed and damaged easily. Roads with asphalt can even be dug up and then used again over time. Consumer wastes can even be used as an addition to existing asphalt pavement.

Crushed asphalt can benefit not only construction firms but also the motorists who will be using the road. If you have any more questions about crushed asphalt, you can contact us at EcoCrush. We can give you the materials needed for your construction projects without costing a lot.