Recycled Crushed Rock Products: Different Options for Different Applications

04 November 2019

The demolition involved in buildings, sidewalks, driveways, and others often leave huge volume of heavy, dense waste materials. Fortunately, advancements in technology and the ongoing path of companies towards environmental sustainability made them recycle materials that can still be used in the future. In fact, there is a demand on the industry of recycling crushed rocks for the construction of different modern projects.

Depending on the needs, the rubbles or debris from a demolished building are crushed or pulverized further so that they can be used again. Aside from concrete, rocks like dolomite, granite, quartzite, volcanic cinder, marble, limestone, and slate can also be crushed and recycled depending on the demand.

The size and shape of the concrete pieces varies after recycling, and may be retrofitted again according to the desired application of such products. Now, here are some most common uses of recycling crushed rock products.

Pavement for Outdoor Hard Surfaces

Outdoor hard surfaces like walkways and driveways can be laid with recycle crushed rocks to create a stable, porous traffic surface for the rainwater to come through. With this layover, the amount of runoff water can be managed well and be directed to storm sewer systems effectively. This can help minimize flood, while replenishing much more needed ground water.

Support for Construction Projects

Aside from preventing flood, the elements present with recycled crush rocks make them suitable for the support and stability of different construction projects. From roads, driveways, to asphalt surfaces, these rocks are strong enough to provide stability and safety to the said infrastructures. A layer of crushed rock is typically positioned at the base of the trail before installing the next material above it.

Enhancement of Garden or Backyard

Crushed stones are also ideal for the garden use. Aside from converting these rock products into a beautiful winding path, they can also be used as a growing medium for your favourite plants. Also, gardeners use these crushed rocks for their gardening projects as an aggregate culture – pumping oxygen and necessary nutrients to the crushed rocks for the survivability of the plants waiting to be planted.

Material for Trenches and Reef Habitat

From above land, crushed rock products can also be used for trenches and ocean reef habitats. These rock products can be used as the bed foundation for the drainage of trenches containing underground utility lines. They can substitute gravel since crushed rock products are cheaper and more environmental friendly. Moreover, crushed rock products can also serve as the foundation for corals to build their own colony, helping underwater animals find their new shelter.

Recycling crushed rock products can reduce construction costs altogether, and at the same time help the environment recover from mining and other kind of resource abuse. If you need more information about crushed rock recycling or tipping needs, contact our team at EcoCrush.