Concrete Recycling and Its Benefits to Businesses and to the Environment

01 September 2019

When concrete structures and elements are demolished for one reason or another, they generate a lot of debris that requires extensive cleanup. If this cleanup process proceeds haphazardly and without care, the debris will wind up in landfills. The pity of it is concrete is just as recyclable as many other construction materials are today. We provide information about how concrete recycling benefits your business and the environment in the following details.

Saves Your Company Money on Concrete Disposal

You will eliminate the tipping fees that the disposal centres or landfills charge for concrete disposal. These fees are based on volume or weight. This can save your company a great deal of money. Use the savings to improve other parts of your business.

Keeps Concrete Debris Out of Landfills

The landfills already are overrun with an excess of concrete and other debris. One day we will no longer have sufficient space for any more waste. Recycling concrete will reduce the amount of concrete waste.

Lowers the Need for Gravel Mining

One huge benefit of concrete recycling for the environment is that it reduces the need to mine the gravel that is necessary to make new concrete. Gravel mining severely impacts the land, water supply and air quality and as a result, it also can negatively influence the health of the residents and visitors of the surrounding area.

Reduces the Energy Used in the Manufacturing of New Concrete

Manufacturers save on their energy cost for producing concrete when they process recycled into new. This is due to the fact that they do not need to first process the gravel into the raw materials necessary to make concrete.

Your Company Will Gain a “Green” Reputation

Practising the recycling of concrete will gain your company a reputation for being “green” in its commitment to the environment if it does not already have it. When you have been environmentally conscious in other ways, you will enrich and strengthen your reputation in the business community and even with clients and customers by doing so.

To learn additional facts about the benefits of concrete recycling for businesses and the environment, consult with EcoCrush. Our recycling plant produces top-quality products from recycled crushed rock for use in the construction and building industries. Also, we provide a free tipping facility that is conveniently located at the back of Smart Recycling in Dandenong South. No load is too small or too large for us to handle. We believe in all of us working together to help our environment through recycling concrete.